8 days and 15 days


Image courtesy of misguidedsisters.com

Having been here for more than 3 years, I guess it’s only natural that I have become more desensitised than I was when I first got here so maybe I’m not picking up all the cultural and social nuances like eating cheese with ice-cream and what it really means when someone tells you they’re ‘on my way.

So the other day when a client told me they would see me again in ‘8 days’, I remembered how strange I found it when I first heard it. It seems to be so precise and superfluous at the same time, and it is perhaps something reserved for Colombians!

Yes! Here’s how to use it! When you say goodbye to your colleague after your weekly conference call, don’t say ‘talk to you in a week.’ Instead, say ‘talk to you in 8 days.’ If you want to follow up on an action in 2 weeks, you don’t say ‘speak in 2 weeks’, but ‘speak in 15 days.’ Weird, huh? #ThisIsColombia

Can someone tell me whether this is a Colombia-only or it happens in other parts of the world as well?!

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