Sums up nicely my  previous article

I previously moaned about how flakey people are. (Now I’m starting to think that perhapsrather than being nationality-specific, it’s more a problem with the tech era in which we take advantage of having a cellphone to flake on someone just because something else more interesting has come up.) Recently I found myself bewildered by this term in a  group chat – CONFIRMADISIMA! (Will someone tell me whether this  is used in other Spanish speaking countries as well?!) Somehow in a flakey country when one needs to emphasis that for sure they are going to an event, they have to say they are very confirmed, because it’s so common to say you’re going to something and not show up. Yeah, people don’t show up. They don’t even try to come up with an excuse beforehand to warn you that they can’t make it. They simply don’t turn up.

Potential scenarios:

  1. Waiting to meet up with a friend for breakfast since 8am and at 4pm you get a text saying that she left her cellphone charger at a friend’s party the night before so she couldn’t have gotten in touch. (You can’t really go around thinking people are shitting you because all sorts of shit out of the ordinary happens everyday here.)
  2.  A friend invited to have Korean dinner with you never shows up.
  3. Waiting to meet with a friend for ice-cream one Sunday afternoon when she finally calls you one hour later telling you that she’s on her way to the hospital because she mistook some acid for eyedrops and so accidentally burned her eye with acid.

Who can tell me whether they think any of these is true?

This page that I came across gives good suggestions on what to do when you’re being flaked, which I resonate with and have done a few of. e.g. read, write study, do the dishes..


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