Best cafe in Bogotá

Steven explaining different coffee palettes

I’m biased. I’ve been drinking Cafe Cultor for 2 years (on and off). No word is needed. Simply the best. It’s a small business that sources directly from coffee farmers. It’s the best coffee and café in Bogotá. The baristas are great. There used to be Sebastina and Moesis although they’ve moved on to great things. Now Steven steers the ship. A lot of thoughts go into the design.
Last Saturday I was lucky enough to take a peek at their new site, which opened Yesterday! It’s amazing. Fireplaces next to tables and a wall fountain garden, plus the roaster at the back to do roasting workshops. It’s much bigger than the two others in Bookshop Wilborada (Calle 71 #10 – 47) and Container next to Impact Hub (Calle 69 # 6 – 20)

There, I met the coffee master, Angel, who is a real MASTER since he is knowledgable and full of passion for the coffee. I even had a coffee tasting session with him! He babbled along about ‘almonds, spices, sweetness, red fruits, yellow fruits, vanilla..’, flavors that I didn’t get AT ALL, as all there was to me was… you will be surprised.. COFFEE!!! ‘Gosh, this Santander coffee is sooo strong, it’s a killer, it’s the pick-you-up in the morning for work!’ he went on.. In the meantime I kept myself busy slurping as hard as I could (that’s the way we’re supposed to do coffee tasting.. Chinese might be glad to hear this..) 

All the baristas are also super knowledgable. We met the enthusiastic Maria, the half Brazilian Colombian barista. If you order a filter method (Chemex, Aeropress, French Press, V66, the Japanese syphon) and stand by the bar, the baristas will take their time to take you through how different preparation methods change the flavors and bodies and the different characteristics of coffees from the different coffee regions in Colombia. Though I keep taking friends back, I’m never bored because I never remember what they say.. (only that I know aeropress and Frenchpress accentuate the body, while the V66 and Chemex the Acidity.. so you use them for different coffees from different regions..) So yea, Best go and get the details yourself..

Café Cultor is great also because of the personal touch. It’s a great business to learn from. It’s a small, tightly-knitted group of employees who seem to have a strong sense of belonging and feel motivated. The Saturday afternoon the married couple Carlos and Adriana came to oversee the renovation works. Carlos asked a workman, ‘show them the water fountain!’ When the reply was that it’s not ready, he seemed a little disappointed.. The passion for coffee was obvious. Their passion for the business just oozes out. You can feel it as you sips your thoughtfully prepared coffee.


Check out the new venture.

Calle 70a #9 – 44

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