The Best cheesecakes in Bogotá..


A piece of ‘Concord of nutella and almonds’ which comes from a pile of pebbles


are probably from Myriam Camhi, just because of their sheer resemblance to the real thing (American style, of course) and the wide range of renditions.

Myriam Camhi is also an overall winner for cakes because you know you’ll get plenty of options. The only problem is not knowing which one to pick! Apart from cheesecakes, you can choose from the mind-boggling fridge of decadent gateaux, flamboyant meringues, ‘duchess’, chocoflan, brownies and tarts..

If in doubt, go for the oreo cheesecake or Maria Luisa (a version of mille-feuille with guava jam, arequipe and coconut). Colombian desserts are different from their Argentinian counterparts that come with a heavy European heritage, so chocolate-flavoured desserts tend not to be as good as the milk-based desserts (e.g. Tres Leches).

The only problem is that it’s very expensive (COP 12,000 / USD 6 a piece), leaving you feeling really ripped off whenever you go, so it helps to put off one’s appetite.


  1. Good post. I’ll make sure to try Myriam Camhi’s cheesecake the next time I go (and when I have a full wallet). I’ve had the cheesecake at Casa Rosa in Chapinero Alto and I like it. It usually comes with agras and the tangy fruit is perfect with the cheesecake. The worst cheesecake in Bogota? For me it’s that horrible American Cheesecake franchise in the malls!!

  2. […] to station just a few blocks West of ‘pastry central’ in Calle 81, where Maxli, Myriam Camhi and other bakeries are […]

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