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Rustic Beauty

The impressionist landscape that looks like what Pissarro would have painted is a three-hour drive away from Bogotá. It is one of the most intact colonial villages of Colombia. Villa de Leyva a dramatic setting lying on the edge of a mountain range. The hilly lush landscape of rich greens, red roofs and bright blue […]

Colombian art treasures

A typical La Candelaria colonial architecture – always with a courtyard The new part of the museum complex The small scale museum houses mostly artists from Colombia, and foreign artists who have made major contributions to the Colombian art scene. It takes you through the Colombian history of art from the 18th century to the […]

La Candelaria, the colonial historical centre in Bogota

Miss Bogotá

Inglesia de La Candelaria All that I had seen in Bogotá previously had been the homogenous rectangular blocks of 7-storey brick buildings, office and residential alike. The La Candelaria visit the other day was such a surprise! The old town in the South of Bogotá is the centre of tourist, legal and public activities, where […]

Fine Art hits Colombia!

Going into the exhibition with the expectation that I would see a whole load of fine art bullshit, with reference to my bad Tillmans experience at the Serpentine in London 2 years ago, I was pleasantly surprised at Bogotá’s success in taking flight to join the international art scene with her world-class exhibitions. Before going to […]