Colombian coffee shop

You may be pleased to know that the photo was taken in Bogota! It’s the Colombian ‘starbucks’, Juan Valdez. The products are pretty ‘normal’ and you may find the same offerings in London or Hong Kong. You want it cold? Yes! You want it frape? Yes! Yes.. I am not deprived!


  1. […] you have ice-cream, of course you also get coffee. It’s one of the two things that are most commonly available here (I am sorry, but it’s […]

  2. it’s not p&p but still…yum!!!

    1. what’s P & P..? You have intrigued me.

  3. […] sometimes Ecuadorian, and probably with the only exception from the ‘Colombian Starbucks’ like Juan Valdez or […]

  4. […] you will probably notice the undeniable pride among them for their country. ‘We have the best coffee!’ ‘We have the most beautiful women!‘ ‘We have the best […]

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