This is ingenious. Plátano, or plantain in English, is like a banana that you normally get but multiply that by 4 times please. There you get a plátano, an all time favourite garnish on the Colombian dining table.

The way patacón is made is that first of all you have to cut the plantain into big chunks, and then deep fry the chunks, and then put them between 2 wooden boards and ‘SMASH’! There you go! It’s like a big fat chip but less oily.  Sweet.


  1. […] when still green; it can be roasted, smashed, boiled, tossed on the barbie, steamed or deep-fried (patacons).. You will find banana in your fried rice (calentado), banana with your meat, banana as crisps […]

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  3. […] and the food is perfect for the foreigner who doesn’t want to have fried red snapper, patacón and coconut rice everyday. Love the novelty – I had a cocktail made with Reyka the Icelandic […]

  4. […] fact carbs, more carbs, and more carbs!!! Often, a lunch is one meat plus rice, potatoes, yucca, plantain, pasta, and fruits and juice, blowing the blood sugar level through the […]

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