Bogotáns and Ice-cream

It’s a love relationship, no doubt.

You can find people eat ice-cream at any time of the day (we’re talking about as early as 10am..) It’s a standard kind of dessert, a snack, or even a meal (common for people to go for the 2-3 scope sundaes). So if you go on the streets at lunch time, you’ll see many people holding their cup of double scope on the way back to work.

Crepes and Waffles is the most popular heladeria (ice-cream shop) in this city. It serves an assortment of desserts from sundaes to waffles, on top of its savory crepes, salads and sandwiches.. Its ice-cream is somewhere between a soft gelato and a creamier American scope. It is so popular that its coverage of the city is comparable to the network of newsagents in Britain or convenience stores in Hong Kong! There is always one around the corner!

Its popularity is perhaps also fueled by its affordability. A double scope of Crepes and Waffles costs US$2, compares to US$7 from Haagen Dazs (in HK).. Actually C&W is soooo popular here that I haven’t seen one single HD here yet. On the other hand, Baskin-Robbins has managed to penetrate the market (even though it is only taking a minority share). The local brand’s premium quality isn’t necessarily reflected in its modest price. It is in the ‘gourmet’ segment here, considered to be one of the best ice-creams in the market and there are yet countless other local brands in the supermarkets..

Bogotá has turned me into an ice-cream monster..


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    I have been consuming a scoop every 2 days…can't stop. ht

  2. oops.. i assume that at least you have the quota! and new zealand diary. oh my..

  3. […] you have ice-cream, of course you also get coffee. It’s one of the two things that are most commonly available […]

  4. […] It’s not hard to find either. A basic fruit here, it’s a key item at any fruit vendors. Also a standard ingredient in many desserts like cheesecake and ice-cream. […]

  5. when do we open franchise or p&p there? we’ll be millionaires…1.45 euros for small cup here(big quantity)…good to write more prices of fruit/vegetables etc….

  6. […] fine croissant aux amandes.. The breakfast list is short so don’t expect your regular Crepes & Waffles abundance to adorn the menu. Go there for your baguette, pastries, and macaroons. I had a YUM […]

  7. […] Crepes and Waffles saved us. It’s pretty much the only viable place to keep your guts healthy with lots of fresh veggies options. Its salad bar is also the best. Way better than the new comers like Gokela. I wonder why everyone is raving about a fast food joint that is more expensive than C & W. […]

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