Banana as main course


Meatball, rice & platano served with salad and guava

After a 4-month Colombian life, I have got accustomed to having at least half a banana on my main course plate, although most of the times, half a banana here is more like one whole banana elsewhere.

From being a curious surprise at the beginning, something that had always been looked forward to, it’s now an uneventful occurrence that happens almost daily, with no particular charm or attraction. It’s as basic as pasta in Italy, fries in the occidental or noodles in Asia..

Banana is omnipresent in the Latin American and Caribbean cuisine. It can be eaten sweet and soft (maduro), or firm and mild when still green; it can be roasted, smashed, boiled, tossed on the barbie, steamed or deep-fried (patacon).. You will find banana in your fried rice (calentado), banana with your meat, banana as crisps (delicious!) on supermarket shelves. It is eaten skin-on, or skin-off. However way it’s cooked, it’s consumed mainly as a component of your savory dish, and almost never as desserts.

With Colombia’s great love for both platanos and hamburger, I am yet to find banana in my burger. I am sure it exists..


  1. banana republic…? )) (lol)

    1. as well as sweet as a banana anyway…

    2. lol
      no.. unfortunately u can’t eat banana republic..
      you know of any other ways of eating platanos?

      1. banana split? )

  2. Taucher · · Reply

    It’s not REALLY banana though, is it? I think platano and bananas are different to each other. Although yes, you are right, they DO have it with everything. I find it quite horrible when it is firm – for me it’s best when it is fried and crispy.

  3. eaten skin-on.. interesting..

    1. not tried it yet- still on the ‘to-do’ list 😀

  4. […] increasing distribution cost. So, since it’s relatively more expensive than other fruits like banana or guava, it’s not widely consumed in Bogotá, the landlocked high altitude capital where […]

  5. ocic fan club · · Reply


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