Duquesa de Alba..

I am starting to converse a little in español and guess what – the first interesting conversation in Spanish that I had was about the Duchess of Alba! This woman is legendary and what’s interesting is that the Spanish-speaking countries in South American seems to follow news qin Spain quite closely.

So the story goes, Mario’s aunt went to see the doctor, and iwhile waiting in the waiting room she watched a documentary about the Duchess of Alba! This duchess has the most titles among the royal family members in Spain. And her most admirable behaviour is wearing bikinis even at a grand, impressive 89 years of life. With her tits at her belly button, Aunt Nigirinis stated ‘Horror!’


  1. Do you know she got married last year? Hahaha. It is amazing that you hear from this lady in Colombia. I did not know she is famous there. In Spain everybody love her.

  2. So Spain is sick?! Why do you guys love her?! She's weird..
    Yes.. she got married to a 65 y.o man.. and he has 6 packs!!!
    Yes I am also amazed that I learn more about Spain in Colombia than I did in HK.. I guess it's the colonial legacy.. HK also follows UK quite closely..

  3. Spain is sick, hahaha, you are right. But this lady seems happy with the “husband”, who looks happy with this lady's money.

  4. SO NICE???????????????????????????


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