A lot of my colleagues in HK gave me the impression that they think Colombia = Ethiopia, or some deprived African developing countries that suffer from mal-nutrition. Well you will be pleased to know that I am actually excessively nourished! Lunch is different everyday, something that I didn’t realize was possible?

I am more used to eating the same stable – rice or bread – everyday. Today it was empanadas with fish. Nothing special with the fish.. empanadas are really dumplings, but made from corn. They are deep-fried, and delicious. Addictive. you have to count how many of those you have had otherwise you’ll risk over-consumption.. (Correction – I wrote the above a few days ago and since then I have seen other empanadas on the street – they are bigger than a stretched-out palm! So I guess the correct description should be that they can be like anything between dumplings and pies..)

On top of the standard offerings there was also soup.. Parsley and celery cream soup. Yes. WEIRD. It doesn’t look appetising at all but was edible..


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  3. Pahola Sveeda · · Reply

    I am Colombian and I love my country and our food but that comment about Ethiopian food was not needed.
    They have delicious and nutritional food.

    Actually healthier than most countries.

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  6. […] at the point of writing, since Colombians love and are proud of their food, they love their arepas, empanadas, and patacones. I guess you love what you eat, to quote the genius French sociologist Bourdieu, so […]

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