Freaking Plastics!!!

It seems that the American culture is quite prevalent here.. It is common to get American TV. It is scary how American colonialism eats into countries through television. The first time I witness the shocking social phenomenon on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels was in Austria.. And then I came across Bridal Plasty in Colombia..

OMG.. Those who don’t yet know what this is, be prepared. Take Big Brother, the reality TV show, put brides-to-be in it, let the bitches chew up each other, and the winner gets all the plastic surgeries she thinks she needs for her wedding. @()*%&^&@^#)!!?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Eat me. This is very scary. This makes plastic surgery a ‘need’. Think about all the children or teenagers who may be watching this at home in the absence of their parents? Is this the consequence of a free market? The media with no regulation and tv channels can make whatever they think would attract audience just to drive advertisement sales? I know we have the problem of balancing the risks of an over-regulated economy, free speech, and innovation.. But this is actually about ethics and conscientiousness! THIS IS SICK!!!


  1. This is scary, I did not know it exists. Domyounthink it could happen in Hong Kong? (maybe Korea…). All the best, and congratulations for your blog.

  2. happy you like the blog!! 😀

    actually I doubt that this show will do well in HK because to a certain extent HK is so conservative.. if any tv channel really aired this program in hk I think it will only back-fire.. every colomnist will be writing about it and protestors will start going out on the streets..

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