Every now and then you would hear horses trotting outside on the streets. (¡¡¡??) Yes, they still use horses here.. And yes, you have horses on highway competing with you for a lane in the middle of traffic jam.
Imagine that.
That’s worse than being on a London road when the black cabs, double-deckers and cyclists all come together! I have no idea why they still use horses here, I guess it is the only kind of cost-effective transport option for those who live below the poverty line (US$2 a day!) especially when they have to transport heavy goods..
The other day I witnessed animal cruelty in the making. Unfortunately I was on a car so I was not able to take a good picture without risking my camera being grabbed. There it was , on the highway, a truck full of ‘stuff’, perhaps 100 kg of things, pulled ‘single-hoofedly’ by 1 horse!!! And then the other day it was  shown the news that a horse died in the middle of a highway!!! This is crazy..!!! It’s saddening. There wouldn’t be any problem using horses if there wasn’t a serious lack of awareness of animal rights in Colombia.

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