Back to basics

A surrealist testament of progress in Bogota..

Here you have an old man transporting logs, walking in one of the most respectable residential areas (Rosales) in Bogota, where million dollar flats are found. He’s walking on a well-paved road (rarity here, as mentioned in my other post) in front of a charming residential building where each unit has a balcony. You wonder, ‘What the hell is he doing here with the wood?’ We don’t know whether he chopped the wood himself, why he’s walking in the middle of the city with these logs, where he’s going, why he’s walking or not transporting more logs in a truck..
All these unknowns unearth an ambiguous city where glamour and knife-point mugging, slums and million-dollars flats exist side by side, in one of the most uneven income distribution countriesin the whole world. The 12th country with the most uneven income distribution in the whole wide world!! (worse than Swaziland – er.. if only we know where this is?!)


  1. Thank for sharing it. In my opinion the photo and the story could be related to Hong Kong, dont you think? But instead of wood there would be an old lady picking up paper or cans.

    Actually I can find hong kong also in the 40th position in the uneven income distribution.

  2. […] World class museums live next to uncollected rubbish due to corruption and mismanagement.. Huge income inequalities and shopping malls filled with American and European luxury brands. Third world infrastructure […]

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