Fridges in Colombia

Even the door space doesn’t get a break..
Freezer exploding with food that has been
carefully stored for ‘freshness’

Perhaps this is to do with the habitual lack of resources in the past? Or perhaps this is not representative of Colombians.. Mario’s family likes to buy the whole back of cows and pigs, get it delivered, chop it up and then freeze the different parts. Even the pineapple gets chopped up into slices and frozen! (why!?!?) So if there was a scare or a riot one day I think I’m safe in the house for 2 weeks at least.. 


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    A very rare opportunity to peep inside the fridge of a Colombian family…Thanks Spacey. HF

  2. 🙂 I try my best! keep reading, HF!

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