Power stoppage!!!

        Yes, this is another thing that I didn’t expect to happen in the capital of Colombia.

The other night, at about 9pm, the lights in the room started to dim (yes they didn’t turn off completely but dimmed). Then you’ve got Mario starting to tell you the difference between an energy-saving light bulb and a traditional light bulb. He was explaining how the energy-saving ones wouldn’t just die like the traditional ones but would dim and slowly dwindle. It was then we realized that it wasn’t just the one light bulb but the TV wasn’t working, and we stopped having wireless. Yes even power stoppage in Colombia is in Colombian style.
The reason for the ‘power shortage’, probably more aptly said, is that you are not completely cut off from power but there are some problems with the transformers, so not every electrical appliance in the house gets power. It’s hard to explain the cause of the problem, but the bottom line is, you get a musical and discoteque effect because your mobile and laptop that are charging get electricity source every now and then, so they keep beeping whenever they get electricity. Then the TV, DVD machine and cable machine also turn off and on.. And then the different lights in the house keep turning on and off every 10 minutes at different times.. You go to the toilet thinking everything is ok and suddenly you’re out of light again..

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