The Colombian Police

Los Antimoltines

The predicament of keeping Colombians safe.

The paradox between wishing to have a psychological oppressive presence and dissipate a reassuring sense of safety.

The objectification of a history of violence and aggression.

To me, this looks like a battlefield tank (the shortening effect of the photo makes the vehicle look smaller, but it’s actually as long as a standard side lorry). So what is this vehicle/machine/astronomical instrument doing parked in the middle of the financial district where the  biggest foreign bank and the best gastronomy school are located? Perhaps the drivers were having their lunch break?

If I hadn’t had the explanation of a local, I wouldn’t have known that this was the vehicle of the police?!!


  1. here we call them ice cream men…maybe they stopped for gelato…

    1. What do you mean by ice cream man?

  2. they stop to eat ice cream that’s why…

    1. aha..! I see! Must have been the reason! Looks like you’ve been reading a lot of my posts in order to be able to do cross-referencing!! Thanks!

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