What’s Colombia?


  • Colombia is Coffee with capital C! Up the Nevados, take a Colombian coffee, visit the coffee plantations, live the adventure of the coffee Park. The New York Times called the Coffee Triangle, in its February 12, 2006 issue, as one of the most attractive places in the world.
  • Colombia is nature, flora and fauna. Colombia is the second country in biodiversity and first in biodiversity per square meter, has almost the same number of plants as Brazil being 7 times smaller, 55,000 and represent 20% of the world’s plants. And it has more than 3500 kinds of orchids!
  • Colombia IS culture, has 2 natural reserves and 6 cultural properties that have been honored with the title of “Patrimony of Humanity” by UNESCO
  • Colombia is home to 36 páramos; The Colombian moors are unique ecosystems in the planet, shelter of endemic species and natural water factories. If you are a mountain lover and you like to walk it, visit the moors in Colombia.
  • Colombia is beautiful colonial cities; Our country has cities that are attractive because of its colonial and bohemian aspect; tourists like to make these tours that are a mix between history and modern repairs like Cartagena, Villa de Leyva, Barichara, Popayan, Guatavita among many others …
  • Colombia is a holiday and Carnival: The year is full of fairs and festivals in Colombia, this reflects the cheerful  and party spirit of the Colombian people. Sharing a party with Colombians is one of the best ways to get to know the country and its culture.
  • Colombia is gastronomy … If diversity is involved, in gastronomy we are kings. To the Colombians we are united by the taste for the rich and varied food. The gastronomy is as different as the regions: you can find Caribbean and Pacific sea food, rich soups and creams in the center of the country, tray the bandeja paisa (recommended), chontaduro (A fruit of the Pacific that is more powerful than all energy drinks of the world reunited) and more than 150 classes of different fruits.
  • Today it is a safe country that surprises foreigners with the beauty of its landscapes, its flora and fauna, the warmth of its people, the beauty of its women, the joy of its music and the achievements of its athletes.

It is a place that has all climates, has beaches, mountain ranges, valleys, mountains and much to see and know!!

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