Latin American Sashimi!

Causa – in Incan, means ‘Kausaq’,
“that which gives life.”
salad on top of potato mash served like
little soldiers with quail eggs in gormet style
A mixed cerviche with sea bass, octopus, squid and shrimps
Tuna Tiradito

It was an abstract notion when I dined at La Mar, when I found out that the main options were sashimi, sashimi, and sashimi.. It was interesting to find out that Peru has the second largest population of Japanese immigrants in Latin America, and because of that, Peruvians eat sashimi! But as expected, the sashimis are adopted to ‘Peruvian style’. So, imagine your usual sashimi like sea bass or tuna, cut in small cubes, mixed with some crunchy vegetables like carrots, onion and red cabbage, and a lot of lemon juice, you get cheviches. Tiradito is another type of ‘sashimi dish’ that resembles sashimi more than the cheviches because the fish is served in slices. It is usually served with the kind of corn they eat here. Each kernel of this corn is double the size of those on a sweet corn that we normally get, only harder and devoid of any sweetness!


  1. Peruvian food is one of the best cuisines in the World. Everybody should try it 🙂

  2. okokok.. enough latin-american marketing!!!

    1. Have you tried?

  3. only visually…

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