Colombia gets ready for Christmas!

Home-made Christmas socks for every single member in the family

So it’s Christmas!!! As I’ve said before, Colombians are crazy about Christmas! At this time everything that is associated with Christmas is out from storage and gets displayed around the house.. Maybe it’s because it’s so warm here, people feel that they have to compensate for the loss of ambience due to the absence of snow.

You can find every possible kind of Christmas decorations around the whole house, from the golden  flashing lights and red ribbons that embellish the shrubs and everywhere in the house, charms hung on door handles, dangling angels (Colombian style – so not simply angels but with Totumas shell, a tropical fruit) from the ceiling lights, and even a festive coat for the soap dispenser!?
A Christmas display with rotating figurines (check out the embrace of ethnic diversity here
with the little black man in blue!!) and candles that warm the air to move the propeller-head

It’s typical to have an elaborate decorative piece of the nativity scene, so painstakingly detailed that you even get a little light bulb in the house of Jesus’ birth to dramatise the scene.

A Nativity scene made mostly from dried orange skin! The roof is made of a totuma
On top of that, every-day things turn ‘Christmas’, your dining table mats, table napkin holders, table napkins and mugs are all swapped with their Christmas version. Even towels in the toilet are in the coordinating red, green and white colours! Pets also celebrate with their special costumes – I saw a black labrador with a green and red scarf (that’s hilariously funny, acting as if it was Santa’s dog..)!

With pressure like this one I should also start getting some Christmasy totem..

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!


  1. Feliz Navidad
    Merry Christmas
    Joyeux Noel

  2. love the ornaments!

    1. What kind of ornaments does your country use at Christmas?

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