Predictability and punctuality permeate Bogotá

Weather here is very predictable but never dull. Temperature range remains constant throughout the whole year, always hovering between 8-10 and 19-22 every day. You get 4 seasons in a day. For the lazy ones – yes it’s great. You don’t ever need to change your wardrobe. The problem is that you need to bring your whole wardrobe with you for the day. You have your winter early in the morning (here people go to work at 5.30am – no kidding, that’s because it’s bright by then already. Traffic starts getting busy at 7am. University lectures start at 7am. Yes – crazy, right? Talk about work ethics! European professors would have thought it was a joke!), spring in the mid-morning, summer in the afternoon (the sun is HOT, because of the low altitude and high latitude) and autumn in the evening.

Then you have the rain. Yes, It rains every day. The only difference is whether it’s a drizzle or a downpour. And yes, the rain arrives punctually in the afternoon!! And almost aways, it’s HARD! That’s what characterises the rain in Bogotá, like a child who cries and then sobs a little to catch her breath and then cries again. (p.s. The noise in the video is by no means ‘background noise’. It really was the rain, so loud that you had to shout to be heard in its presence!)

The sunrise is also predictable – up at 5.30am and down at 5.30pm. Even the dog that thinks he’s a rooster from the other side of the street howls punctually at 5am every morning, howling as if his mom died, howling like there is no tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Strange as it might sound but I feel like visiting Bogota after reading this piece. HF


  3. Wow…the rain in London is already bad enough for me, don't think I can deal with that!

  4. no.. and apparently this is the 'dry season'!!!!!!!!! I am happy to have got my wellies at least.. I'M PREPARED! BRING IT ON!

  5. […] 2,600 meters above sea level, it’s easy to forget that Colombia is a tropical country. It does pour […]

  6. […] than usual because when I first came, in 2013, it rained almost everyday, and it never rained but poured. I remember gearing up in my wellies at least once a week, whereas I’ve hardly taken them […]

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