Colombian Driving style

If you asked me if it was difficult to get a licence in this country, I would say no, because there seems to be no decorum on the road!

People are permanently driving on top of two lanes at any time.. Maybe that’s why some roads have unmarked traffic lanes because even if the roads have been marked it wouldn’t have made any difference? Ordinary roads, roads that are flanked by shops and pedestrian pavement, are used as if they were autobahns, with cars at 50 miles/hour, but at the same time you also have other cars that crawl on the fast lane.. Instead of slowing down as the drivers approach red lights, they pump the gas..

Cars simply stop in the middle of the road, blocking the traffic. A traffic jam occurs perhaps because there is a car picking up some friends, or another one that doesn’t know where it is going.. By the time they move away, you get to the lights and the lights turn red..

Colombians would slow down on the road just to watch a good view. There was a time when some girls dressed in orange mini-skirts, knee-high boots and Santa hats were marketing for some unknown company, and the commuters slowed down to watch the scene, causing a traffic. On the Night of Candles local authorities lit up the Boyacá ‘bridge’ (in quotations because it’s a lame one-meter long bridge, but apparently of historical significance because it was where the Colombians fought off the Spaniards and earned their independence in 1819) and the surrounding pasture with green, pink and blue neon lights. Cars slowed down to watch the ‘beautiful lights’ on the Friday, the day when Bogotáns usually head out to the country side for a weekend holiday, resulting in a deadlock even at 12am..
Only in Colombia!


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  2. looks like many times the delay on the street is completely justified…i wish we had more delays like those in our streets…

    1. trust me you don’t know what you’re wishing for!

  3. well send over those buses full of calientitas & then i’ll tell u what im wishing for…

    1. haha! there aren’t always calientitas..

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