Baby Lulos! Yellow and hairy as babies.

This peculiar fruit is really strange and special. I can make a hell of a riddle out of it, one that emulates the one from Sphinx – what is purple when born, hairy when young, prickly when mature, and turns green inside when aged?

Originally when I saw the orange fruit, it was when no one managed to tell me what it was called in English. I had to make sense of it. So using the knowledge of my pre-Colombian life, I decided it was a persimmon.

Upon a closer inspection at a later stage, it turned out to have a rough prickly skin that’s covered with hard strong hair, and it is sour! So, it was finally obvious that it wasn’t a persimmon.. Lulo, because of its rather acidic quality, is more delicious in juices and desserts when combined with sugar.

It all makes sense now why no one seems to know the English name of lulo, because it’s practically unheard off and unconsumed outside South America. Sometimes I think that if I get over the red tapes and the dirty shoulders-rubbing with the triads in the import-export business then I would get soooo rich exporting all these tropical fruits that remain by far unknown in major parts of the world!



  1. Everybody loves LULO !

    1. I prefer guanabana! 😀
      Love its creaminess!

  2. ocic fan club · · Reply

    not a bad idea about exporting…

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