Colombian Routines

Your life is governed by pico y placa.. Because of real bad traffic jams the government has an initiative to control the number of cars on the road. Cars with number plates that end with odd numbers are not allowed to drive on the odd number dates, and the same for the even number plates on the even number dates. However, the programme’s impact on traffic seems to be negligible when you still find yourself stuck in traffic all the time. To makes things worse, because the restrictions are only between 0600-0830 and 1500-1930, you have real bad traffic during the day when all the cars are out within the less available time.
So, you adopt your daily schedule to pico y placa, to the time you can leave the house.
You choose the type of public transport you can take (do I want to brave mugging on the Transmilenio and busetas, share with strangers the speedy illegal taxis, try my luck flagging down a cab on the streets or splash on a private cab today?).
Pico y placa decides when you can go home after work, and whether you can do certain things on certain days because public transport is limited and you have to rely on your own car that you don’t actually have the freedom to drive.


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Now you can assess the improvements in productivity and quality of life if politicians were able to develop an efficient mass transport system…

  2. A hopeless country unless we revive the leadership team..

  3. […] and swerving onto the vehicle or human being next to me..), they have to tackle the dangerous busetas or Transmilenio and hope that they will not get robbed. Or they will have to be waiting for 30 […]

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  5. same thing w/ the plates in athens…

    1. haha! dam true! but actually I struggle to see the similarity..

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