China’s reputation abroad

English Bulldog Kira
apparently they are good at skateboarding and surfing?!
The other day I went to a friend’s wife’s parent’s country house. It’s very popular to have country houses among those Bogotáns who can afford it, because they hate Bogotá so much.. The one I went to was more like a palace though.. 
After a long 5 hours of relationship building, the hosts have become familiar and comfortable with me. The owner of the dog confessed to me, ‘When I found out that you were coming, I was considering hiding Kira.’ There is no way to find out if she was only joking.. The fact that the idea came across her says a lot about what Chinese are in the minds of the people of a faraway land.
Chinese are famous for their fondness of eating everything that is alive. My teacher told me the other day, ‘Chinese eat everything! If there was a fly passing by in the house, the Chinese would catch it, fry it in the pan, and eat it.’ We Chinese really have a lot of much-needed international publicity work to do..


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Such a great pic… you look awesome… BTW I am refering to Kira…. 😛

  2. You look hungry.

  3. funny/interesting…

    1. what’s the weirdest thing you guys eat in your country!?

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