Colombia’s road obstacles

Wanna play a real life TV game? Drive in Bogotá! Here you have to actively avoid the endless obstacles on the road. It drives you crazy and turns you into a completely different person who is permanently agitated, impatient and angry.

Plenty of people juggle at the crossroads to make a living because they can make 2-3 times or even more money making a performance career than to carry out a minimal wage job. So when you hit the junction, you’ll get three black men all dressed in fuchsia, standing on each other’s shoulders, walking across the road juggling. When they finish, they would come onto the road just before the light turns green so that they can collect money from the cars. So you can’t really move on even when it’s a green light because you have to wait for the jugglers to move away..

Hawkers are the main walking obstacles on the roads. They pretty much sell everything! You have your standard fruit venders who sell the pitahayas, mangoes and all sorts of unidentifiable fruits. The newspaper venders. The chocolate/snack sellers. The map seller. The florists. You can even buy brooms while driving on the road! These sellers who loom freely and precariously crisscross between cars can be kids who are as young as 9 years old..

But this is not all! You also have handicapped beggars walking on their clutches into the middle the road while it’s a red light asking for money. When it’s a green light they retreat to the pedestrian walkways where they really belong. But then you have to wait for them to limp back and you can’t really honk at them without being mean. When they finish moving away the lights turn red again, and you have to wait for your next turn..

And then there are also the odd cars who don’t seem to know what they are doing, stopping in the middle of the road. You honk, and then the cars behind you instinctively honk, and then it turns into a farce. Then by the time the driver in front of you wakes up, you move along the line of cars and then get your red light..

All of these special local events are part of the causes of traffic chaos in Bogotá.. It may be an opportunity for foreign investment in building new driving schools!


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    very funny

  2. 😀
    glad you like it!
    What's funny about it? Actually for those of us who actually live in this city it's very sad..

  3. […] times there is no apparent reason for the standstill. It can be as trivial and annoying as having a random car that’s parked on the road, reducing two lanes into one. Other times you see an accident but the […]

  4. how useful is having a horse sometimes…

    1. haha no its CRUEL!

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