Colombian soup series – fish soup

Pale salmon colour lumpy liquid..

Pale salmon colour lumpy liquid..

It may look exactly like it’s been regurgitated from someone’s stomach but believe me it was good!

What you see here is a fish soup with arepa con queso (with a mozzarella type cheese – the most popular and most widely eaten cheese here).  Fish is generally a minority on the Bogotá menu, considering that Bogotá is bang in the middle of the country, and the biggest coastal city, Cartagena, is 660 km or 1.5 hours away on the plane.

The fish soup is quick and nutritious. Simply puree your skinned tomatoes and onion, and add whatever fish you desire. Generally mild and firm white fish such as tilapia or cobbler is a good match for the pungent tomato flavour. Here, prawns, grouper (a deep sea fish) and catfish were used.

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