Arepa Costeña

Arepa Costeña

Arepa de Yucca

Arepa de Yucca

Arepa topped with sirloin from Andres Carne de Res

Arepa topped with sirloin from Andres Carne de Res

The reason for writing about arepa is that it embodies quintessentially what Colombian cuisine represents – filling, comforting and warming. Arepa is so commonly eaten in Colombia that its status can be compared to that of toasts in the UK! Arepa is consumed as breakfast, a snack, lunch and dinner.

Put it simply it’s a cornbread in the shape of a pancake. Like tamales, arepas also come in numerous of different forms, shapes and sizes! They can be as big as a regular plate, or as small as a ping-pong ball (such as the arepa antioqueña from Medellin, the second largest city in Colombia). They can be yellow or white depending on the kind of corn that has been used. They can be sweet, salty, or tasteless.. They can be dry and hard, chewy (if made from yucca, a kind of root vegetable), or soft if cheese is used as the filling (those are the best by the way).. You can have arepas costeñas, which are arepas from the Caribbean coast, deep fried with an egg-filled middle; or arepas served like open sandwiches like the ones from the Nordics..


  1. […] if you live in places like King’s Cross!! Except that in Bogotá, we don’t eat kebabs. We eat AREPAS!!!!! The arepas from La Areperia Venezolana are Venezuelan. (Believe me, sometimes it’s good […]

  2. […] you see here is a fish soup with arepa con queso (with a mozzarella type cheese – the most popular and most widely eaten cheese here). […]

  3. […] Breakfast in Colombia means only a few things, calentado, tamales, or arepas.. […]

  4. […] with unlimited exotic fruit juices, coffee and pan de whatever (ie yuca, bono, almojababa), arepas in 3 styles, 3 types of empanadas, various tamales, 2 types of calentado, omelettes from the egg […]

  5. looks tasty…

    1. actually yes – it does! esp the ones with eggs, cheese, tomato y onion!

  6. Yuca is Tapioca. 🙂

  7. […] love it. It may be one of the things (along with arepa) they’d miss for when they’re abroad. But it’s one of the few foods of this […]

  8. […] NB The Halloween obsession remains within bounds of costumes. Candy apples and pumpkin pies are still not consumed.. We’re still having bbq parties with chicarron and arepas.. […]

  9. […] And the truth here is, I have heard a lot about how foreigners who after having travelled around Colombia, decide that this is their favorite country in Latin America, usually to their surprise (and to mine as well!). Having lived here for more than 3 years now, (which makes me a ‘senior expat’ because most foreigners cannot stand more than 2 years of Colombian problems, a lot of which are featured here on this blog), the Colombian pride might have brushed off on me, and I may be biased. There’s definitely a lot of cool stuff here, but I generally don’t believe ‘the best’ exists. Though after having a chitchat with Colombians you just met, you will probably notice the undeniable pride among them for their country. ‘We have the best coffee!’ ‘We have the most beautiful women!‘ ‘We have the best salsa!’ ‘We have the most beautiful landscapes!’ ‘We have the best arepas!’ […]

  10. […] at the point of writing, since Colombians love and are proud of their food, they love their arepas, empanadas, and patacones. I guess you love what you eat, to quote the genius French sociologist […]

  11. […] typical breakfast in Colombia – orange juice, eggs, arepa, hot chocolate, cheese, bread.. Breakfast credit to Martha […]

  12. […] which point the waitress also confirmed, ‘the tamal comes with rice and a small arepa […]

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