Scary Colombian TV commercials


I have previously written that mobile phone theft is one of the most common petty offences in the country. Well, when it comes to Colombia, it’s no longer ‘petty’. With a rate of 4,000 phones stolen everyday and a total number of 440,000 phones reported stolen in the last three months of 2011, it seriously threatens the livelihood and safety of the citizens, often when victims clung passionately onto their phones bringing casualties upon themselves..

So some readers have expressed their wish to see more disturbing ads that have been made with the intention to dissuade people from buying stolen mobile phones, in hopes of curbing supplies. The youtube video is the TV advertisement that is currently screened during the peak times in Colombia.. I don’t know about others but the screaky screams have definitely put me off buying mobile phones from vendors of vague background..


The Financial Times, Beyong BRICS blog

El Universal

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