The happiest place on earth

Kids participating at the Barranquilla Carnival.. Learning to 'be happy' since a young age.

Kids participating at the Barranquilla Carnival.. Learning to ‘be happy’ since a young age.

The 35 year-old annual ‘Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness’ survey (I know, it’s ridiculous how many different kinds of surveys are out there! You name it, you get it!) recently determined that Colombia was the happiest country on the planet in 2012.

Colombians appear to be at least twice as happy as the rest of the world! Some of the bizarre reasons for having the jolly citizens include having very variable climate zones within the country, breeding beautiful women, and owning Cali, the salsa capital in the world..

Other reasons that don’t seem to have a direct correlation to happiness include being the most bio-diverse country per square kilometer in the world and a a heavily carbs-based diet.. Having a diverse geography where you can find both deserts and rainforests, and beaches both in the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean also help enhance the citizens’ happiness apparently..

I guess from Colombia we can learn that happiness is easy and simple to acquire. You just have to be content with what you have and stop worrying about what you don’t yet have. Being occupied in the ‘what you don’t have’ space will only bring more misery.

So, don’t worry, be happy! 😀


  1. full of bonitas certainly makes u the happiest person in the world…

    1. ok come check them out! The problem is that if you met some of them you wouldn’t leave this place! Happens a lot to other foreigners! Must give a prize to the women here for bringing in foreign talents!

  2. […] I respect that. I guess these easily pleased people who appreciate what they have help make them the happiest people on earth. According to many studies one of the keys to happiness is gratitude. To be happy with […]

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