Monkey House

So on Tuesday there was a football game, and I wanted to be nice so I said to Mario, ‘We can do whatever you want.’ So, he took me to a place where there would be beer and TV screens, the Monkey House.

It’s a pub that has all sorts of beer that you can ever imagine. Monkey House has at least 100 species from Holland, Germany, Belgium (of course)and others scattering nationalities, which puts it on the par of Belgo (which specialises in Belgian beer only) in London, and The Globe in Hong Kong.. So, you have an idea how my expectation was driven to the max.

And then, upon checking the food menu and seeing 5 different types of curries along with fish and chips and burgers, I was reassured by the myriad of pub food choices, which further reinstated the Monkey House’s status as ‘The Pub’ in Bogota.

What was even better was the music selection! When Phil Collins aired, I was even surer that it was a Brit institution.

Then came this!

'Fish and Chips' at Monkey House

‘Fish and Chips’ at Monkey House

Omg. I was soooooo shocked!!!! This was the fish and chips that I ordered, apparently..!

Omg! They couldn’t possibly ruin Fish and Chips (in capital letters to show that it’s the name of a dish, it’s not just some fish with some chips) with America style wedges instead of fat cut chips? I’m not a nationalist but sometimes things have to be done the way they should be! And the dead rock-looking pieces lying on the plate were fish! Fish! Omg. It was a real fast food dish as it appeared that it was frozen food taken out of the freezer that went straight into the fryer.


And it didn’t come with mayo!

I’m so glad that I didn’t order curry.

Lesson learnt- be careful what you ask for. Also be careful what you think things would be until you try it. And don’t trust the appearance of anything.


  1. Come back OneChineseIn Colombia. We fixed the Kitchen and changed out the overly creative costeña cook. The fish and chips will be on us.

    1. thanks! Let me check next time!

  2. The Monkey House has advanced a lot, the food each day is better and drinks or say. I am a customer N. 1 of this restaurant and hope you come back and you realize how good it is.

    I recommend and hope that you recommend. Not many restaurants-pubs in the city that compares 🙂

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