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LogoIt is a misfortune that Colombia have in the past been engrossed with the violence and illegal drug problems within the country, which have taken up all her attention. As a by-product, Colombia has been branded – a dangerous place, and  has isolated herself.

Now she’s catching up, the peace talks are under way to finally clean up FARC once and for all, series of free trade agreements are on their way (the one with South Korea got signed yesterday), and lots of international companies like LG and Huawei have invested heavily in Colombia and have strong presence here. Colombia is fostering international relationships on all fronts, diplomatically, commercially and intellectually.

And contrary to what some of my readers’ think, that I bad-mouth Colombia, I actually think the country is very beautiful and has a lot to offer to the rest of the world.

Two of my dear friends Hiromi and Paolo have designed the logo above for the blog. It depicts a gun, which is likely to be the visual that pops up most people’s mind when they hear Colombia. My designers have been following the blog closely, and like other readers, have learnt that Colombia an amazing country that has been overlooked by the world, and that all the semantics that are associated with a gun is only a small component of the Colombian life.

Instead of bullets, the gun shoots stars, which are adopted from the Chinese flag as many of you may have noticed. The stars effectively embody One Chinese of the blog, and more importantly, the powerful ideas and concepts that that come out of the blog. So, instead of symbolising its usual connotations, this gun is the iconoclastic travesty that annihilates all the assumptions people may have about the country.

It’s clever and beautiful, ain’t it?

Unfortunately, I won’t be using the logo because I feel that it projects an image that’s too strong. So, I’m featuring the logo here to express my gratitude to my friends.


  1. What I like the most about your blog is that readers can discover Colombia is more than drugs, Farc and prostitutes, which unfortunately are the reasons why most people in the World knows us. Actually we have this image that was created by the lack of knowledge of our Country plus a bunch of bad news…

    99% of your posts have shown your readers Colombia is a great place to live although we deal with serious problems like poverty, inequality and underdevelopment. In Colombia we have beautiful landscapes, nice food, great artist and amazing people

    Dont bother about bloggers that dont like your posts or get a wrong message. Blogging is about expressing your thoughts and opinions…


    1. Thanks! You have a funny photo – are you from Medellin?! ;p
      Yes – Colombia is so diverse and amazing!

      Lots to see, but totally under-rated – probably to do with the with the under-publicised/non-existent campaigns of the tourist board!

  2. Carlos Gomez · · Reply

    Hello Jessica! Well, from your article it seems some people just don’t understand your sense of humour.. In fact, it is not only your particular sense of humour, they don’t seem to understand that sarcasm can as well be very effectively used as a constructive and funny way -as you do it- to express appreciation and continuous wondering about things. And, of course, some valid elements of critic are necessary to honestly stimulate the reader’s mind… Or, just for the sake of humour!!… But let’s not be too tough on them, most probably they are not familiar with blogs and/or have never read good quality international media, where the use of a humorous and intelligent writing style tends to be quite common. A bit of controversy is not too bad sometimes anyway… 😉

    1. Thanks Carlos for liking my blog!
      Yes – indeed – ‘some valid elements of critic are necessary to honestly stimulate the reader’s mind’!!
      I will keep up with the integrity of my opinion!

  3. such interesting article…

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