Western desserts marry Colombian flavors :)

Almojábana tart with red fruits..

Almojábana tart with red fruits..

Dulce Mini Mal is all about innovation. The café dishes out divine cakes and tarts using ingredients that are typically representational of ‘Colombia’, championing ‘all-things-Colombian’. So instead of going to a patisserie expecting all the familiar options like Oreo cheesecake or chocolate gateaux, you will find a creative take on sweets, such as the guava cheesecake, coconut and guanábana cream sponge, and even a chocolate and ale tart, almond and tree tomato tart, and almojábana flan (think of it as a crème brûlée in the shape of a tart). It’s really refreshing to see all the unusual dessert flavors!

Red polyester cushioned metal chairs, a short wooden floor panels and white PVC tables take you back to the 70s. Cookies and sweets stored in glass jars that line the fridge top set off a homely atmosphere. Coupled with the nostalgic scene and alternative electronic lounge music, they all make Dulce Mini Mal the dwelling choice of the eclectic, hippie and artistic customers from the Chapinero neighborhood. Eating at the independent small venture also feels like you’re doing your part to help local and individual businesses, so you feel good when spending your bucks there!

Address: Calle 57 # 4 – 09

Guanábana and coconut cake. My God.

Guanábana and coconut cake. My God. Simply blissful.


  1. Looks and sounds amazing! I would love to try it!

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