Passion fruit’s cousin..?


A granadilla compared to a lime

You might have already learned from my blog about the myriad of strange exotic fruits that Colombia has to offer. Sometimes it’s just plainly confusing!

A granadilla looks very similar to the Colombian passion fruit, except that it’s orange and not yellow.

As with many things in Colombia, when you ask a Colombian, ‘what’s the difference between X & Y’, like what’s the difference between a granadilla and a maracuya, or the difference between a pandebono and a pan de yuca, you will often get a puzzled response..

Besides its look, Granadilla is similar to a passion fruit in its structure and texture. The outer layer is like a shell that contains lots of greyish green seeds, glued together by a kind of mucus. But unlike the yellow passion fruit, the seeds are coated in a transparent instead of a yellow mucus. Granadilla also tends to be sweeter than passion fruit, without the kind of goosebumps-giving sourness. It’s also a great addition to yogurt, ice-cream and smoothies!

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  1. […] they are not commonly found elsewhere and many of their names in at least 4 syllables. There is granadilla, maracuya, guanabana and pitaya (perhaps the easiest to remember by far!).. Indeed, there are so […]

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