Colombia’s indigenous people

er.. Yes.. I am cheating and posting something that I have written for a local newspaper here.. Well technically it still fits the bill – something about Colombia and something that I have written!

This exhibition of the Muiscas gold offering objects is a fascinating view into the past of Colombia. It’s a pity that the Musicas don’t get as much international limelight as the Incas of the neighbouring country.. The problem is that the Incas built with stones and rocks whereas the Musicas who lived around Bogotá and the North East area of Bogotá built with clay, so most of their settlements didn’t manage to survive; only their offerings and crafts that were made of gold or metal alloys or ceramics did. Their microscopic but glittery nature nevertheless hypnotises. An exhibition worth going to if you’re in Bogota.

However if you are not lucky enough to come to Bogota before the 20th October for this show, don’t fret. The Gold Museum is one of the most well-managed museums in the country and you can still see the balsa – the Muiscas raft. Ok, the poor little thing sounds utterly undeservedly boring but in truth it’s an amazing palm-size boat that’s made of gold, holding a few Muiscas shaman and the chief, dumped into the middle of the Guatavita lake as an offering the Muiscas Gods.

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