‘real’ Bread in Bogota

I apologise for doing a bit of advertising here, it’s just that good things should be known by all. Foreigners in Bogota may agree that bread here tends to verge towards the sweet side.. I was lucky to have found proper bread from Maxli. It’s simply the best in the city in terms of value, nutrients and quality. Their bread has no sugar, fat, preservatives or additives – unlike other regalar packaged bread. They also make SOoooo many different types: 5, 6 & 8 grains, German rye, Rustic rye, Highland rye.. I’ve lost count. I just LOVE IT! L-O-V-E it!

Previously, I came across their dark rye bread, the staple kind that’s found on Nordic or Russian tables, dense and almost black, but I never dared try Maxli’s version because of its brick-like appearance. The other day, I went back to get my weekly supply, unfortunately my usual ‘grey rye’ (centeno molde gris) was not the freshest on the shelf so I decided to give this sucker a go, in doubt. But it didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was like the real thing! It was amazing! It’s the discovery that I’ll be sticking to for quite some time now.

Just water, flour and yeast, just the way bread should be (I found out this week the very important Mr Michael Pollan agrees with me!). It tastes especially good after some toasting!!

At COP 14.000 (US$ 7) for a 1 kg loaf, it’s not cheap, and more expensive than what you could get in Europe of course, but at least it’s much more reasonable than the ones from Carulla – imports, overpriced (expect to pay up to 50% extra) and not fresh. So, better support local businesses! They also have very good pan de bono and almojabana if you want traditional.

P.S. A loaf of Maxli is sold at a 20% premium at Carulla. So better buy directly from one of Maxli’s Maxli shops.)


  1. Sarepa’s blog sent me here and i completely agree with bread and have had a lot of trouble finding bread i like… i’d rather not say “good” as that is subjective however i hate sweet bread, i will try this shop… from an ozzie expat 🙂

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