What happened to OneChineseInColombia?!

It’s been 3 months since I last wrote! After such a long period of absence I have decided to come back with vengeance no matter what!

I have said initially that the day I stop writing here is going to be the day I stop getting any cultural shock. Well quite the contrary is true and I am still getting shock from all front be it negative or positive. It’s been 8 months since have set foot here and Colombia and her capital city still haven’t failed to surprise so there’s still A LOT more to be written about!

The truth to the pause is that, OneChineseInColombia experienced in the last 3 months the real hard-working nature of the Bogotáno life. That means waking up at stupid hours like 5.30am and starting work at 7am, so you begin to suspect that you might be turning into a bird.. And work often finishes at 9pm or even 10pm. Also work life wouldn’t be Bogotáno if you don’t spend at least 1.5 hours a day commuting.

I’m lucky so I only do 1-1.5hrs max a day but the average people may spend up to 2 hours a day getting stuck in traffic whether you’re on public transport or your own vehicle, let alone those who live on the outskirts (like my maid) who have to travel for 4 hours a day to the city center where the jobs are. Since she starts at 7am, she probably leaves home at 5am and wakes up at 4.30am.. Yes Bogotáno life this is.

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