Colombians favorite oat drink..


Oat drink, coined avena (oat) here, is a ubiquitous component in the daily Colombian diet. It’s drunk at breakfast, tea time, or as a sure fix for sudden peckishness any time during the day.

Colombians love it. It may be one of the things (along with arepa) they’d miss for when they’re abroad. But it’s one of the few foods of this country that I can’t possibly bring myself to like.. I cannot drink it. It defies everything I know about oat. Its everything that oat isn’t. Think of it as a ground oat i.e. oat flour mixed with milk, sugar and water. The result is some kind of thick, beige, powdery drink that looks mildly like puke. But what can I say. Lots of things here that are popular are completely rarified for the Western or Asian taste bud. Just like eating cheese with your fruit salad, cheese with arequipe, and dipping cheese in runny hot chocolate that’s made from water, it takes time to warm to it. Yes. Give it a try. You have my confidence. :-p

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