Bogotá’s Indian Gin Bar

I can’t say that Gin and Indian food will work for everyone.. Try it only if you have a strong stomach.

Little Indian Super Star may stand for an unappealing combo of overpriced gin cocktails, slightly stuck-up service and inauthentic Indian food, but it’s worth going once for the sake of novelty, to marvel at incredulously over-the-top decorations and the potentials of an old-fashioned spirit, gin, which admittedly is catching on in Bogotá where gin bars are springing up like mushrooms.

How gin gets paired with Indian food is a curious question. Upon some research time, it turned out that gin has no relationship with Indian cuisine but the classic G&T was kinda invented in India in the 19th century, when quinine was added to tonic to prevent malaria, and gin was added to this unappetising mixture to make medicinal drink more bearable. There you go.

The fairy lights flooded psychedelic wonderland can be overwhelming at times. However, when coupled with 80s English pop/rock/indie and carefully spiced cocktails, it can offer a falsely euphoric sense of solace.

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