Who the f is this?

Colombian phone calls
The phone rings
You pick up the phone, ‘hello.’
‘Who am I speaking to?’
WTF? YOU called me, and you’re asking me ‘WHO I am???’ Is there something wrong with you?!
This is quite a typical phone call that you will receive here. I’m yet to understand how this phone etiquette came into being. When you call someone, you’re supposed to say you name and what you’re calling for, aren’t you? Is that so hard to do?
So next time you pick up a Colombian phone call and get asked ‘who’s this?’, don’t be confused thinking that you were the one who dialled the number. Remember, you didn’t call them, they called you.
p.s. unfortunately this innocent question has been used as a fraudulent tactic when malicious parties call, pretending that they know you, to extract personal sensitive info from you.. So just hang up if this happens to you. Don’t give anything away.

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  1. I feel the same way as you do and have come across this situation several times. Mano

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