How to say no in Bogotá

Foreigner: My dear, let’s go to the cinema!

Bogotano: We’ll see.


Foreigner: Can we go to the supermarket to get some tea?

Bogotano: Er..


Foreigner: It’s Sunday! Looks like it’s gonna be a nice day! Shall we go to La Candeleria and have tamales and go to the Museum of Central Bank?

Bogotano: Let’s see.


Foreigner: How about going to Myriam Camhi to get dessert?

Bogotano: Don’t know.


Foreigner: Do you fancy celebrating your birthday at Andres?

Bogotano: Maybe..


Foreigner: Would you like to have dinner together this weekend?!

Bogotano: Sounds like a plan! (Indeed, it’s just been forever relegated to ‘plan’ status)


Bogotano: : Let’s meet soon! (Soon = never. Or in 1 year’s time. Maybe that explains the 10-15 minute goodbyes. So if you need to run, you’d better say goodbye 15 minutes before your really need to go.)


From now on, you know when your proposal/suggestion is not well-received and when you need to give another proposal.


  1. i like this

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