World Cup in Colombia


Today, Colombia plays their first game in the World Cup after 16 years of absence, against Greece!! Colombia has been leaping into a state of frenzy in the last months and especially this Thursday when the World Cup kicked off!

On World Cup’s first day, Bogotá’s electricity supplier Codensa decided to ask their employees to come in their national team shirt and jeans. The whole office set off a surprisingly uniformed team spirit united by the one and only cause.

There will always be supply to support the high demand of the yellow football shirt. Enthusiastic street venders are capitalising on the epoch, offering all sorts of paraphernalia and turning Bogotá into a yellow sea. Seriously even in Europe where the sport is so well celebrated, you won’t see such an unrestrained display of passion.

In addition to the football shirt, the second highest selling commodity is definitely the TV. TV sales have jumped exponentially in the last two weeks, as offices are fitted with TVs for their employees (which could be at least 4 new TVs per floor!!), while restos and bars are fitted with even more (yea, Colombia is a paradise for football fanatics!). Furniture has also benefited from their symbiosis relationship with the TV, since the affluent is fitting new entertainment theatre type furniture around their new 50″. Yea, all these world cup related economic activities might have pushed up Colombia’s GDP by a notch!

Offices fitted with TVs are not for futile reasons. The TVs are on all day long. It means that you don’t have to work – you’ll have the privilege to watch 1 game a day, entirely of your choice.

Colombians never miss an excuse to have fun, so regardless of the match’s outcome, parties among families and friends are being organised to watch the historical moment. Translation: the roads are brought to a standstill.



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