Another reason to party

So, another year, another Halloween, except that every year Halloween craze just gets bigger and bigger.

Last year, I had the chance to see how lively the streets gets, as everyone goes out for a bit of fun in their costume and makeup. However, I don’t seem to recall that people actually have Halloween parties at the offices! So here’s how Bogotanos go to work on Halloween:


The Lion (or Alfonso)



Lady of Death from Mexico (or Stella)

NB The Halloween obsession remains within bounds of costumes. Candy apples and pumpkin pies are still not consumed.. We’re still having bbq parties with chicarron and arepas..


  1. Stella Nigrinis · · Reply

    Jessicaaaaa!!!! Ya lo mandé a todos mis amigos!!!! Soy muy famosaaaaaa!!!! Graciassss

    Stella Nigrinis Ospina

    > El 31/10/2014, a las 6:26 p.m., onechineseincolombia escribió: > > >

  2. […] different cities in the country. It has a slightly different clientele from Alkosto’s though. Bogotanos who go to PriceSmart range from middle to upper class, and they absolutely love the place. They […]

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