Phone ringing..

‘Where are you?’

‘I’m coming.’

*Did I ask what you were doing?*


‘Where are you?’

‘Around Calle 85’

*But where? By the way the 85th is 1 km long*


Calling again..

‘Where are you?’

‘I’m coming to get the keys!’



‘WHERE are you??!’

‘I’m at Calle 95!’



In Surtifruver:

‘Hi, I notice that you’ve run out of the unsweetened soya milk. When would you get the stock?’

‘Oh, let me check.’

5 minutes later

‘Hi Madam, we don’t have any more unsweetened soya milk. We have the vanilla flavour soya milk.’

*!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!! That’s why I asked you when you would get your stock!*


Be prepared for this in Colombia.

One comment

  1. Normalmente еs difiϲіl ver textos аdecuadamente expresados,
    de modo quee tengo que reconocersеlo al autor.Sigue as 😉

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