Why should you visit Colombia NOW? II

Boyacá earlier this year in January

Boyacá earlier this year in January

In part I I explained why you should get your ass here in Colombia RIGHT NOW.

The other reason is that Colombia is having amazing weather right now. I can’t speak for other parts of the country but as far as I understand, El Niño brings wet weather to countries on East Pacific – ie. Peru and Ecuador, but when it comes to Colombia that means glorious weather – sunny, warm and dry. The effect is really noticeable, since it hardly rains, and when it does, it’s just short spells of drizzles at most. I know for sure we’re experiencing a dryer period than usual because when I first came, in 2013, it rained almost everyday, and it never rained but poured. I remember gearing up in my wellies at least once a week, whereas I’ve hardly taken them out this year.

I still remember back in the days in London, maybe in 2007, I would read about Colombia, a far flung country that I certainly never imagined visiting, let alone living in. It must have been La Niña at that time because it was those disastrous floods that got Colombia some coverage on The Economist (good it wasn’t due to other reasons, however better known they might be).

So, come now, and enjoy the never-ending sunshine (for now).



  1. […] there,’ pointing at the patches of soil which fortunately due to this year’s beautiful weather conditions had been kept dry, otherwise he was really telling me to f*cking ‘get my feet […]

  2. […] have found Bogotá rather hot since I got back from Cocuy this week, perhaps because of the near-zero degree celsius conditions […]

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