How can I send my postcard? II


Previously I talked about the difficulty to get a simple souvenir many tourists usually resort to – the postcard. I thought, what a pity it was that a country with such color and biodiversity didn’t take advantage of stamps to show case their flora and fauna!

I’m glad to say that upon my recent visit to 4-72, the state run ‘post office’ (in quotation marks since it resembles nothing like the ones I’ve seen in the past), I found out that we DO have stamps! I was delighted to know how pretty they were. With my broken Spanish I tried to understand why I had never been given any in the past. I believe the point is, when you send a post, you can choose to use stamps, which you’d have to ask for, or just pay for a sticker that contains all the delivery info and is in turn glued to the envelope. So this time I actually asked for real stamps, and I got them!

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