Every foreigner who has lived in Colombia for 1 year would know that Colombians say everything is ‘AMAZING!!!’ When you come to experience the thing which they call amazing you are like.. ok.. underwhelmed, to say the least..

For example, let’s say you’re travelling to somewhere, say Cocuy. You’ll often get the response ‘it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! You’re gonna love it!’ I went there last year. It was, ok.. It’s fine. It’s great. Not ‘AMAZING!!!’

Now you say you’re going to the Baranquilla carnival. They will say, ‘It’s INCREDIBLE!!!’ You will find it interesting, for sure, but not sure about ‘incredible!!’

I told people I was going to the Cali Fair, and my expectation was totally worked up as they told me, ‘It’s fanstastic! You’re gonna love it.’ It was fine. Alright.

Of course, a lot of difference is driven by tastes and preferences, but still you will know what I mean, as a lot of foreigners share the same feeling about how Colombians think about things as ‘amazing!!!’ So, be prepared to adjust your expectations.

What’s your experience like?

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