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Christmas Gathering in a Garage

Since Christmas is such a big deal here, we started celebrating 2 weeks ago. (The truth was because Mario’s sister wouldn’t be here for Christmas so we had to celebrate in advance.) We were invited to her house for dinner. She said it was a tradition to gather family and friends around for a simple […]

Colombia gets ready for Christmas!

Home-made Christmas socks for every single member in the family So it’s Christmas!!! As I’ve said before, Colombians are crazy about Christmas! At this time everything that is associated with Christmas is out from storage and gets displayed around the house.. Maybe it’s because it’s so warm here, people feel that they have to compensate […]

Christmas (or Cruelmas?)

Colombians showing their carnivorous side I learned recently that it is a tradition to eat pork or turkey at Christmas. However, I NEVER expected this! I was greeted by this poor little piggy as I entered a restaurant that appears to think that it was an attraction that would bring customers in, I guess, otherwise […]

A Colombian Christmas

Irma lighting candles like we do at mid autumn festival.. Colombians are CRAZY about Christmas! Their love of Christmas may make the Europeans or their northern counterparts ashamed. They like the most techno and hyperactive light effects in neon blue and white for decorating the facades of their houses, and the lights are religiously turned […]