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Colombian Travellers’ style

Since I have previously written an article on Colombia’s drivers, I thought I should also give the passengers of this country some justice.. You often see passengers travelling in the truck of the cars! It’s a common scene here that normally happens to dogs in other countries.. These cars may not be any spacious SUV, […]

Colombian efficiencies

La Hamburgueseria – one of the 2 leaders in the burger market Having my self-indulgent moment (or rather, self-destructive tendency) the other day, I craved for a juicy, meaty, fulfilling and ‘soul-warming’ burger. Instead of El Corral, the most popular burger brand in Colombia (it has a myriad of retail brands including ‘gourmet’, an American-style diner, […]

Stuck up & non-existent service

It was a long-awaited date on a Saturday when we were looking forward to going to the legendary Gaira Cafe, the restaurant owned by the brother of the most revered singer in Colombia, Carlos Vives. Upon arrival, I got a little disoriented because the house looked like an ethnic hut transported directly from some tropical forests. It was densely covered by heavy vegetation […]

A Colombian contribution to the environment

Servillettas – ‘napkins’ It appears that every household uses napkins at the dining table. In a lower income family, smaller and less ply; a higher income one, more restaurant standard ones; in a Christmas-obsessed household, napkins like the one in the picture.. They use napkins whenever they eat, so you can imagine the amount of […]

The Colombian Police

Los Antimoltines The predicament of keeping Colombians safe. The paradox between wishing to have a psychological oppressive presence and dissipate a reassuring sense of safety. The objectification of a history of violence and aggression. To me, this looks like a battlefield tank (the shortening effect of the photo makes the vehicle look smaller, but it’s actually as […]