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Duquesa de Alba..

I am starting to converse a little in español and guess what – the first interesting conversation in Spanish that I had was about the Duchess of Alba! This woman is legendary and what’s interesting is that the Spanish-speaking countries in South American seems to follow news qin Spain quite closely. So the story goes, Mario’s […]

The Colombian Mario

What you see here is the art of the homely Mario, a version of Mario that cannot be known to people in HK. Sorry I am exposing him here. But guys – be ready for this. Mario made this bed! The quality of the made-bed is of 5-stars hotels’ housekeeping standards..! Also because of me […]

Mall rats

Contrary to general public perception, Colombia is really not a jungle with only rainforests and tribal people. You may be pleased to know that Bogota has shopping malls! In fact, many of them. Shopping malls are sporing perhaps because people only feel safe when they are out of the streets inside the shopping mall. You’d […]

Colombian ‘roads’

To most people, if you play a game of word association with them, when you say ‘Colombia’, they are very likely to come up with ‘dangerous’, ‘cocaine’, or ‘guerrillas’. But the top most dangerous issue that you really have to worry about, that would really affect your daily life in Bogota, is walking or driving […]